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Micro Counter Strike mobile game

Posted by Tania Mirza Thursday, May 15, 2008

Micro Counter Strike brings the 'Counter-Strike' gaming experience
to you anywhere and anytime!Features
* Based on the classic 'Counter Strike' game
* Make more money to buy weapons with which to overpower your enemies
* More than 10 weapons and equipment including pistol, rifle, grenade,etc.
* Cool and great graphics
* Improved Graphics in Trees (Dara Speed up the Game)
* Implementation of v1.3 version of the original MCS improvement:
* Improvement in I.A
* Three new maps
* Now I.A purchase weapons
* Decided bug Bluetooth
* Improved compatibility
* Time to reload weapons
* Possibility elected by screen time (3-5-8 minutes)
* Ability to add 1 to 6 bots enemies
* Top-AMENDED maps for the
* Fps gain expected 1-3 (improved 2-4)

Email and Password for Registration:

Email Address :

Serial Number : 18424044


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