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Mobile Phone Glossary

Posted by Tania Mirza Wednesday, May 28, 2008

* AAC- A type of music file format which offers better sound quality and takes less memory space than a MP3 file.
* Airtime- The time taken in making and receiving calls, texts,retrieving voice mail, e-mail and downloads which is tracked by your network provider to determine your billing cost.
* Bandwidth- The capacity of a communication media to transfer data. The higher the network's bandwidth, the greater the volume of data that can be transmitted.
* Bluetooth- Bluetooth is useful in connecting a device wire-lessly within a 30 foot area and is used to transfer images, songs and other mobile content.
* Broadband- A broadband connection offers you high-speed Internet access on your mobile phone while allowing you to receive calls at the same time.
* Coverage- The geographic area in which a network's service is accessible to users.
* Conference call-A conference call connects many people simultaneously and help them discuss on a single line.
* Data services- Services in the text formats like e-mail, fax and SMS messages which can be accessed with your device.
* EDGE- EDGE offers mobile phone users to access to increased bandwidth and various multimedia services such as video clips.
* Flash Memory - An Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory used to store data in devices like mobile phones, notebook computers etc. It is called 'flash' because numerous memory locations can be erased or written with a single action.
* GPRS- GPRS delivers wireless packet data services to GSM customers. GPRS offers Internet connection to mobile users. It allows a mobile user to take part in video conferences and surf multimedia web sites.
* GSM-GSM technology allows a user to insert SIM into any SIM Free GSM phone with compatible frequency and make and receive calls on his mobile.
* HTML Browser- A HTML browser is program which allows you to view HTML pages.
* IMEI number: A 15-digit number which is found in the back of the phone and uniquely identifies the mobile phone and it Stands for "International Mobile Equipment Identity".


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