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Posted by Tania Mirza Thursday, May 15, 2008

NTorch Lite for S60 3rd Edition allows the built-in Flash to be used for illumination. Now with reduced light beam, your flash can be turned on for a much longer period of time, while avoiding excessive heat being generated by the LED. Best of all, NTorch Lite can send out Visual Distress Signals that might one day save your life.
In Nokia N-series cellphones, users normally can not directly activate the camera flash to act as a torch (flashlight); however, NTorch Lite made this possible. As easy as 1-2-3, users can turn on or turn off the photo light with only a single click.
nseries softwares
NTorch Lite can also save your life in an emergency. By blinking the camera flash light with internationally recognized SOS pattern ( . . . - - - . . .), NTorch Lite sends out visual distress signal that can be spotted from far away.
Key Features:

Turn Your Cell Phone Into A Real Flash Light - Unlike screen torch programs, NTorch Lite uses the built-in LED (flash) to provide pure white light for illumination.
Visual Distress Signal (SOS) - NTorch Lite might save your light by sending the internationally recognized . . . - - - . . . SOS distress signal.
One Click Launch - With only one click, you can turn on or turn off your flash light in few seconds.
Longer Light Output - By reducing the light beam, NTorch Lite saves more battery power and provides longer light output.
Enabled Notification - Once NTorch Lite is launched to turn on the camera LED, users will be informed by this pop-up interface.
Multimedia key Compatible - By assigning NTorch Lite to the Multimedia key, the process of turning on the flash is just as simple as using a real flashlight.
Free Upgrades/Technical Support - Enjoy lifetime upgrades for future NTorch Lite for S60 3rd Edition versions and technical support from

Now Fully Enjoy it with its Activation Key 25600.


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