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Large Time Screensaver S60 3rd Edition

Posted by Tania Mirza Saturday, July 12, 2008

I Found this photo at mobile-review forum pages. Screensaver will look like this;

You have to Sign a Certificate;

I know, It’s very long to do but if you really need this program, You have to apply following instructions;1) Get makekeys.exe and signsis.exe. These are included in the Series 60 SDK, available from Forum Nokia.

2) Create a key file using this command:
makekeys -cert -password mypassword -dname “CN=Joe Bloggs OU=Development OR=Acme Ltd CO=GB” mykey.key mycert.cer
(A passwordless key file can be created by leaving out the -password mypassword part.)

3) Create an account at and download the latest development certificate request tool.

4) Generate a certificate request file using the key file created earlier, for the IMEI of your phone. (The IMEI code can be found by entering *#06# on the phone.)

5) Submit the certificate request at and retrieve the developer certificate.

6) Sign the package using signsis:
signsis largetime-1.02-unsigned.sisx largetime.sisx myphone.cert mykey.key mypassword

7) The resulting file, largetime.sisx, is now ready to be installed on the phone.

Screenshot on the phone;


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