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Nokia Nseries Screen Shots Taker

Posted by Tania Mirza Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hi every one !! for the last few days i was not posting any new softwares , coz i was busy with my semester exams.....Anyways today i will introduce a new software(not new !! may be for this blog :-)) which can be used to screen shots of your symbian Nokia Nseries smart phone.

Well this is a handy tool that is already assigned to a set of the pre-defined keys in your phone to take the screen shots . The default key for taking the screen shots are the camera key & this can be changed by an option in the software it self. After you install the software,just press the camera key for taking a screen shot .

One problem i found with the software is that when you enable camera key as the screenshot key , you have to keep the cover of your camera lens left open . Actually this is a problem associated with symbian OS it self as the software vendor says . So before you wish to use camera again just press deactivate button in the interface or else change the key association

In the settings menu you change

1. Quality of screen shots taken

2.Key association

3.Use either phone memory or card

You may download the application here, it's completely signed

For future updates,betas and downloads you may visit software vendors site here


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