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Tektronic KeypadLock v1.00 For S60v3

Posted by Tania Mirza Thursday, July 17, 2008

KeypadLock runs as a service on your device and is able to automatically lock the keypad of your device based on the rules you set

This can help you to protect against accidentally keys pressing which could initiate undesired calls or network access. You can unlock the keypad as normally. You can set the inactivity timeout after which the keypad is locked. You can also make use of the extended capabilities of the software. KeypadLock runs in background, makes use of low resources from your device and it can also automatically start without your intervention when the phone is powered-on (autoboot).

Program Features;

* Basic features
- The inactivity timeout can be set/changed.
- You can enable/disable a sound to be played when the keypad is locked.
- You can enable/disable the keypad lock service.

* Extended capabilities
- You can set 3 different keypad locking modes: ”Always”, ”In Main Screen” and ”Exclude Applications”. In the ”Always” mode the keypad is always locked after the inactivity time. The ”In Main Screen” mode will lock the keypad only if the phone shows the main screen.
- The ”Exclude Applications” mode allows you to select the applications which will not allow to block the keypad if one of these applications runs and you use it. This means that the keypad lock service will not disturb you when you frequently use the selected applications (for example, when you write texts with the text editor or play games).
- The service automatically can start when the phone is powered on (autoboot) without your intervention. Notice: Nokia S60 3rd edition phones do not support autostart.
- The keypad is not locked when there are phone line activities (dialing, ringing, in a call) no matter what mode is set. With this feature you will not be disturbed by the keypad locking service while you are in a voice call or when the phone rings.About Program;


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