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Y-Browser v0.88

Posted by Tania Mirza Monday, July 21, 2008

Y-Browser is the one of the most popular file browser in S60 world. Y-Browser’s New version is coming with 30 Languages and New features

In this version I liked “Open With” feature. For exemple.. You can open a .php file with Text editor or antoher text editor

“Set Shortcuts” feature is also very nice. If you set shortcuts, you can find them again easier.

Align Center
You can also load some plugins created by Developer.

It’s supported by English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Russian Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian, Chinese(PRC),Chinese(Taiwan), Thai, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Hebrew, Romanian, Lithuanian, Turkish, Slovak, Greek, Croatian, Finnish, Serbian, Norwegian, Macedonian & Arabic.

New features of V0.88;

- Some bug fixes to improve stability (Especially with FP2 devices)
- Added Command short cut accelerators to the menu items
- Edit-Mark, menu has now two additional options: Mark with wild card & inverse selection
- Email folders shown now as well (with Mail folders plug-in)
- Plug-in manager added
- File modified time changed from UTC to local time

It’s Freeware and Signed


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