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SoftTrends LivePVR v2.80 Incl Desktop S60v3 SymbianOS9.1

Posted by Tania Mirza Tuesday, August 26, 2008


LivePVR, comes packed with 3 extremely useful Personal Voice Recorder functionality; Meeting Notes PVR, Phone Call PVR and Voice Recorder PVR.
Main Features:

- Record Outgoing & Incoming Phone calls and get the files stored in directory specific to the caller ID.
- Record meeting notes and get files stored in the directory specific to the meeting
- Options for No BEEPs during phone call recording
- AMR and WAV format recording
- Unlimited recording length (limited by the available storage on device)
- Voice recorder
- Locate and play recorded files
- Simple and easy user interface
- Works in background when minimized
Phone call PVR:

- Record all phone calls
- Record only the next phone call
- Caller ID, incoming/outgoing, date and time is stored in recorded file name
- Each recorded file is stored in a folder with the caller id so you can easily identify when copying to PC

Meeting Notes PVR:

- Supportes in memory rolling buffer that allows recording conversation that has already happened few seconds earlier
- Capture points in a meeting without missing the context that led up to the point using “Pre-push” buffer
- Automatically stop recording after “Post-push” time so you do not get distracted (Auto capture)
- Continue recording till you manually stop recording (Manual capture)
- Meeting date and time is stored in recorded file name
- All clips for a meeting are stored in their respective folder
- Pre-push and Post-push time can be set by user
Voice Recorder:

Voice PVR is the personal voice recorder mobile application that provides voice recorder functionality, without the limits on how long the user can record. As long as the user has storage, such as an SD Card in the phone, user can record whatever the user likes, for as long as the user likes.

Enhancements in 2.80:

- No beep extended to all S60 3rd Edition devices e.g. N95, E65 etc.
- Auto-start on phone boot
- Hot keys to start / stop recording anytime
- Desktop Application for Copying / Moving files


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