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Skye Caller Pro 1.0

Posted by Tania Mirza Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SkyeCaller PRO adds value to the user's daily mobile experience by contributing a highly compelling, easy-to-use, interactive and dynamic visual element to all voice and text communications by allowing the user to personalise their device using caller image display, video ringtone playback and manage audio ringtones all from one convenient and very smart looking application.

SkyeCaller PRO allows handset device personalisation through use of the following key features:

1. Full Screen Caller Image Display
2. Video Ringtone Player
3. Ringtone Manager

Full Screen Caller Image Display

SkyeCaller PRO allows the user to pair an image on a mobile device with a Contact in the phonebook. On receipt of a voice call or text message, the caller image and contact details are displayed on-device in full screen.

The same method applies to all outgoing calls and text messages allowing the user to determine who a call or text message is being sent to using the SkyeCaller PRO image display interface. This is a useful confirmation technique to help avoid communication to unintended recipients.
Full Screen Video Ringtone Player

SkyeCaller PRO also allows the user to pair videos on their mobile device with a Contact or a device Profile. On receipt of a voice call, the user is notified of the caller with a full screen video ringtone playing. The user is able to make use of ANY video as long as the format of the video is device compliant, it will function as a compatible video ringtone.

Ringtone Manager

The SkyeCaller PRO application also serves as a convenient interface to manage regular audio ringtones. Using the 'Sound clips' interface, the user can set sound files on-device to any Contact or device Profile.

· Symbian S60 3rd Edition


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