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Tektronic Hidden Contact v1.01 Retail

Posted by Tania Mirza Monday, November 17, 2008

Special phonebook application which allows you to hide and protect any contact from the phone built-in public Contacts.

* Key features

1. Set hidden. This command will hide/protect the selected contact. If a contact is hidden it will not anymore appear in the phone built-in public Contacts list but it will remain visible in the Hidden Contacts application list. You must enter the password in order to start the Hidden Contacts and access the hidden/protected contacts. Nobody can see and use the hidden/protected contacts without to know the password.
2. Set visible. Makes the contact visible in the phone built-in Contact application (unhide).
3. Remove call logs. If enabled, automatically removes the phone call logs. You can set to automatically remove the call logs for the hidden contacts only, public only or for all contacts. This option is usefull if you need more protection so that nobody can know what phone calls you did or received on your phone. If not enabled, an unauthorized person can see the phone call logs using the built-in Logs application from the phone.
4. Lock Messaging app. If set on Yes, the phone built-in Messaging/SMS application will automatically be locked by the Hidden Contacts service. You must enter the password in order to unlock and use the phone built-in Messaging/SMS application. This can protect the SMS messages you sent or received to/from the hidden or any contacts.
5. Lock Installer. If set on Yes, the phone built-in Installer application will be locked. You must enter the password in order to unlock and use the phone?s Installer. Nobody can install or uninstall the Hidden Contacts software or any application from the phone without to know the password.
6. Change password: Allows you to change the password. The default password is 1234. The password is asked when the Hidden Contacts software is started. IMPORTANT: If you reinstall the application the password and the settings are not reset; they remain the same as the last time you set. Do not forget the password !
7. Automatically exiting after the inactivity time you set.

Note: If a contact is hidden and you make or receive phone calls, the contact''s name and the thumbnail image will not be shown by the built-in Telephony application. However, the contact''s phone number will be shown depending by your phone''s Settings.


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