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Top 5 Mobile Phones that made it BIG in the year 2008

Posted by Tania Mirza Monday, January 26, 2009

Top 5 Mobile Phones of 2008

The year 2008 has brought in happiness to some, luck to a few and even sorrow to some. As the year has ended, even the technology arena has faced a lot of ups and down in this journey of the year. Mobile Phones have stormed the industry this year. Right from the revolutionary iPhone to its 3G version have rocked the mobile phone markets. Mobile accessories have become a huge hit due to the various mobile phones being launched.

While the year 2008 has wrapped off, we have rounded off top mobile phones that have hit high in the popularity charts of 2008. So here we have selected the best of the lot and here we go:

Apple iPhone:

The name sure sounds like a tycoon that entered the Mobile markets in rage. Even before the phone entered the markets, there was rush of people to get their hands on this sleek device. People queued in front of stores to get their very own iPhone. Even the first mobile phone was not given so much attention as much as this phone received. The Phone’s sleek body and attractive touch-screen is sufficient enough to entice anyone. Although the phone may not feature a high resolution camera or flash, it yet enjoyed a great rating amongst the masses. The Phone also featured in a 3G version by mid-period of the year. Applications, games Game reviews and softwares flooded for the iPhone and also its sibling – The iPod Touch. The internet speeds get as fast as a slide on its screen. With a variety of features packed, the iPhone sure seems to be the king of all mobile phones.

Samsung Omnia:

One more phone that did not enjoy as much popularity as the iPhone, but it sure remained in the limelight throughout the year. Samsung Omnia a.k.a. SGH-i900 presented its platinum-look finish proudly, while users took advantage of the TouchWiz user interface which simplified the texting and data entering features. If storage is a problem, then check out this phone’s 24 and 32GB of memory space. With the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system running on it, the phone transforms into a neat Smartphone which connects a user to his official work smoothly without any hurdles in between. As sleek as 12.5mm, the Samsung phone’s ultra-slim body has the capacity to click amazing pictures using its 5MP Auto Focus Camera. The phone has been in the news zone right from the news about its cheap deals to its competition with the iPhone.

Sony Sony E3 2008 Announcements Ericsson Xperia:

One more phone that has been under the spotlight for a long period is the Sony Ericsson Xperia also known as X1. The phone not only presents its brilliant features but also flaunts its chic body and design that flashes off its stylized panels on its screen. The unique selling point of the Sony Ericsson Xperia lies in the same panels that sorts outs the required features as per user requirement. The Nine panels lay out neatly on the phone’s screen and make it easier for the user to simply tap on its screen and utilize the required feature. The phone loads on a 3.2 megapixel camera and the Sony Ericsson phones are well known for their crisp camera quality. This Sony Ericsson phone is one of them that have set the mobile platforms on fire with news columns getting filled with the appearance of the phone almost each day.

Blackberry blackberry Storm:

After the scintillating Sony Ericsson Xperia phone, the other phone that stormed the mobile phone markets is none other than the Blackberry Storm. The phone sure did give in a tough fight to the iPhone craze around the mobile phone markets. A user gets to enjoy the phone’s Wireless email, Organizer, smart browser and many other features that are apt for the business professional out there. The phone also features a 3.2 MP camera, Video Recording, Built-in GPS, Media Player and other entertainment facilities that can keep one busy. Although these phones may be perfect for business use, but one doesn’t wish to sacrifice on the entertainment facilities as well. Thus it’s become a necessity for business phones to carry multimedia features teamed with great styling and design.

Nokia N97:

After the Nokia N95 was launched with the tagline of ‘Mobile Computer’, Nokia brought in another phone resembling the qualities of the Nokia N95 but an advanced and crisper version. The phone shows off its full QWERTY slideout keyboard and clicks away with its smart 5 megapixel camera teamed with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens and dual LED flash. This phone may concentrate more on its multimedia and entertainment facilities, but also supports fast speeds with its HSDPA, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0 and stereo Bluetooth connectivity. Nokia dropped in this phone under the touchscreen phone battleground and created a buzz around the mobile markets. The Nokia N97 is surely a mixture of a computer, mobile phone and a multimedia centre.

While new technologies step in, the current ones start becoming obsolete. Before we get ready to welcome an array of new phones for the year 2009, these were a list of mobile phones that made it big in the last year 2008. We hear about a mobile phone launch almost each day, let’s wait and watch what the year 2009 beholds. Stay tuned for the latest technologies that will take mobile phones to an all-new platform than before.


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