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Beware of Aamir Khan’s 'Delhi Belly'!

Posted by Tania Mirza Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Foul language, offensive characters, adult content - expect it all from Aamir Khan’s production Delhi Belly. 

Perhaps to pre-empt any backlash, producer Aamir Khan and director Abhinay Deo are almost apologetically forthcoming about their film Delhi Belly, starring Imran Khan, Vir Das and Kunaal Roy Kapoor.

The film has a lot of offensive language which may not go down well with the family audiences.

“Honestly, I think a lot may get offended with the language used in the film. Of course, it's completely youth oriented,” Deo is quoted as saying by a news agency.

Sneak peek - Delhi Belly

The film has been scripted by Akshat Verma who is based in Los Angeles.

While conceding the explicit content of the film, Deo does hold that the script is indeed funny.

“The script is outstanding. It's so funny. As a director I could take that script and go further. It's a very my kind of a film,” said Deo.

Earlier, Aamir Khan, the film’s producer, had feared that Delhi Belly will destroy all the goodwill he has created in the industry.

“Aamir Khan Productions is known for its inspiring, clean, family entertainment. All that is about to change! 'Delhi Belly' has the potential of destroying, in a single stroke, all the goodwill we have built in the last 10 years,” Aamir wrote on his blog.

Well, all the remarks about the explicit content of Delhi Belly only create the temptation of the forbidden fruit among the movie buffs. The film likely to open well at the box office on July 1.


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