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SRK plays watchman

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Khan is going all out to guard Arjun Rampal’s look in RA.One. He has asked all concerned to sign non-disclosure agreements

The look and feel of a film, and the need to protect it from leaking into the media is growing out of proportions these days. While Karan Johar took to the trend with a vengeance for his film Agneepath, Ekta Kapoor too followed suit with Dirty Picture. And now, just months away from it’s big release, Shah Rukh Khan is going out of his way to guard Arjun Rampal’s avatar as the bare-bodied villain in his forthcoming dream film RA.One.

According to a source, “Only a couple of people are doing the post production of the film. Everyone including the editors, the poster designers, the still photographers have signed a non-disclosure agreement with SRK so that they don’t talk about Arjun anywhere.”

“They are not being allowed to carry mobile phones during the post production. When Ra.One was being shot, the production team had asked all the crew members to leave their mobile phones out of the sets so that no one could manage to get a grab of Arjun’s look,” added the source.

Arjun Rampal, who had apparently become leaner for the film has a more strong and muscular physique in the film. And unlike his own six-pack avatar in Om Shanti Om, Shah Rukh seems to be extremely guarded about Arjun’s leaner abs.

This however, is also a part of SRK’s elaborate marketing plans for the film so close to his heart. SRK’s own superhero look in the film was released two months back. “SRK is guarding Arjun’s look for a very simple reason.

He wants to generate curiousity around it. Arjun plays the title role of RA.One in the film. Reportedly, SRK will release his look just 15 days before the release date,” said the source.

Arjun Rampal, despite repeated efforts, remained unavailable for comments.


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