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MobiPad - Control Your Nokia N95 With WiiController

Posted by Tania Mirza Wednesday, June 25, 2008

If you have Nokia N95 and Nintendo Wii, you are lucky.. You can use Nokia N95 and Wii Controller together with Bluetooth connection

In this version (v1.0) You can’t define keys yourself

Here is the key functions;

A button - left function key
B button - right function key
+ (PLUS) - enter
- (MINUS) - escape
home - sends app to background / brings it to front
1 - fire/select key
2 - keypad 0 (no action in s60 UI)
directions - up down left right
power - turns off wiimote

According to Official website of MobiPad, You can only use it with Nokia N95 (I have no idea about N95 8GB.. Please let me know results with N95 8GB)

Installation Steps

1) After installation (internal memory favoured), turn on bluetooth and run application.

2) When the main screen appears, use the Options menu and select ‘Discover WiiMote’.

3) Instantly press the 1 and 2 button on the Wii remote at once (or the connect button inside the battery case) till the lights start to flash and keep flashing.

4) Once connected send mobiPad to background (’hide’ on phone or home button on wiimote). MobiPad starts to emulate the keypresses automatically.


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